Here at GMB Swarm we provide Google My Business listings and verifications for business owners who need to generate leads in locations in which they do not have a physical location. We pride ourselves on going a step above other vendors who peddle listings. We pick our addresses with meticulous care. Our listings do not have a mobile footprint like some vendors. We are available to help guide you if you have questions about your campaign.

Trust your verification needs to people that have been in the industry a long time with an immaculate track record and reputation.

Right now we are verifying all niches except locksmith. Garage door listings are a different product. Please do not order garage door listings by purchasing the standard listings. They are on their own and more expensive because the process is more complex.

We also offer foreign GMBs for the low price of $39.

PSA: You will notice prices fluctuate. Google rolls out updates every so often and it can convolute the process and make for a much more involved process. This means our hard costs increase thus the prices on the site go up. My advice is if you want listings, buy them now. Our prices just dropped down from $200 each. Last year they were $300 each. Economies reliant on Google are volatile to say the least. Check out our pricing below and grab them up before Google makes it harder to verify and prices increase.


Hiding your GMB’s address is a matter of preference, as there are pros and cons to both hiding and exposing your GMB’s location.

Consider what other businesses in your category are doing in your target market and try to blend in as much as possible.

If you are worried about potential walk-in customers or competitors than hiding your address would be ideal.

Let us know what works best for you as we’re happy to either hide or show your address.

Either way will work. We can verify the listing at the address of you provide, or we can provide an address in your desired city

No we cannot, no one can unfortunately.

We typically send completed orders as soon as they have passed our quality control process, which is much sooner than TAT’s listed below.

Though as we can not foresee unexpected Google My Business Updates, please allow the following TAT’s.

1-10 GMBs: 12 Business days
50 GMBs or more: 15 Business Days

These are our standard TAT’s, but it may vary depending on the difficulty of the category, population of the city, and the climate of Google.

Nonetheless, we try our best to get quality GMB’s back to you as soon as possible.

As soon as a GMB is verified, it is as if it has been verified via the normal way. That said, as long as the information in the listing looks as real as possible as well as you or your team don’t do anything to the listing that violates Google’s policies, you have nothing to worry.

First things first, I suggest you go and change the password to have full ownership and security of the Google account. Secondly, you may transfer ownership or assign someone as manager of the GMB, this doesn’t cause any issues with google at all. Lastly, be careful when to edit/ add info on the listing when optimizing, I suggest give it a week before doing anything to the GMB. Be sure to “test the waters” first before doing any major changes like name, address, or phone number.

You can do that, but I suggest you send it ASAP while the method is still working. We don’t know when Google will update and disallow our method to work. It’s best to maximize it while we can.

We’ve verified tens of thousands of GMBs to date. We are the best in the business in terms of quality, turn around time, and service.

Our listings stick, and we fully guarantee our Verified GMB’s for 30 days upon delivery with a few condtions.

Do not make any changes to the following in the “info” section of your GMB’s dashboard:
Name, Primary Category, Address, Additional Categories, and Service Areas.

All information above should be provided upon submitting your project’s information; therefore, any changes will void our guarantee.

During frequent updates of Google My Business the suspension rate increases upon changing information and this is to be true for all GMB’s regardless of the method of verification.

Yes, just let us know the city, state, or zip code, and we’ll take care of it. Also please indicate whether you’d like a location in an industrial area, office building, or retail storefront as we will try our hardest to accommodate your request.

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